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Features that can be added onto your suit project!

For Heads
Extra Magnetic Eyelids: +$50 a pair 

Extra Tongue: +$30
Magnetic hair tuft: +$30
'ShagpokeStudios' Lenticular Hypno Eyes: +$60
'FursuitGlasses' glasses with one pair of lenses: +$40
Magnetic glasses (EVA foam, no lenses): +$20

NFT hair tuft: +$40
NFT mane or lots of hair: +$100

For Parts/Bodysuits

Zip-off Tail: +$50

Snap Pocket: +$15

Handpaw Finger Escapes: +$50
Handpaw/feetpaw Claw Sheathes: +$50
Tail Wrist Strap: +$30

Fursuit Sandals (EVA tops, soletech bottoms, nylon straps) +$80

NSFW Add-Ons

Extra Bodysuit Zipper (SPH/crotch/butt zippers): +$50 each
SPH attachment: +$200

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