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Use this guide to make a DTD if you have commissioned me for a bodysuit. 

I do some things a little different from other makers and will only accept DTDs made to these specifications!  Please make sure you read this guide thoroughly.

I personally learned how to make DTDs from GoldenMaw's tutorial and wanted to give her credit here, she is an incredible maker!

IMG_0247 2.PNG


Gather materials to make your DTD.

You will need:
- A friend or two to help tape
- A cheap painters coverall
- 4-6 rolls of good quality duct tape (may vary depending on your size and the size of the rolls)
- A sharpie 
- Scissors that can cut duct tape.  Use scissors with rounded tips if you have them!

- A plastic bag or some paper towels for wrapping the foot/hand
- Places that you can rest your arms while they're being taped, such as a broom, tall countertop, or tall chair.
- Pee before you tape!  It's going to take a bit (around an hour or two)
- Wear very little under your DTD (underwear is preferable, they might get cut so wear an old pair)

NOTE: You MUST use a nonstretch base layer.  I will not accept DTDs made on old clothes.  Additionally I will not accept DTDs missing feet or hands, or DTDs without proper markings.  

IMG_0236 2.PNG


Create a harness.  This keeps the coveralls from shifting around.

Tape around the armpits, around the top of each thigh, and around the hips.  Tape an X across the chest and back, and between the legs from front side of the hip tape to the back (snug is good, not too tight, don't hurt yourself here)


TIP!!  If you're worried about being able to stand for the duration of the taping, continue following these steps but leave out your elbows and knees (save taping these bits for last!)


IMG_0237 2.PNG


Tape Torso Panel.

Using 6 to 12 inch pieces of duct tape, tape between the chest and thigh pieces all around the body.

Tape should be criss-crossed and layered for durability.  There should be no gaps in your taping.  Tape smooth to the body, snug but not cutting circulation, and make sure to tape up close and accurate in areas like the thigh gap and armpits.

IMG_0238 2.PNG


Tape down the legs.

Using the same method, tape down the legs to the ankles.

IMG_0239 2.PNG


Prepare the foot.

Take a plastic bag or some paper towels and fully wrap your foot with this layer.  

NOTE: Do not use a sock or something stretchy.  It will not hold shape and be impossible to work from.

IMG_0240 2.PNG


Tape the foot.

Tape on top of the plastic bag layer to create the foot.  Again use the same criss-crossing method that you've been using for previous steps.  Make sure the duct tape connects to the main body of your DTD.   

NOTE: Do not tape the foot separately from the body to add on later.  It needs to be one piece to get an accurate fit, especially with digi suits.

IMG_0241 2.PNG


Tape the arms.

Put your arms in a T-pose and fill in the tape on the upper chest and arms.  Make sure you are taping the armpits accurately.    

NOTE: To keep your arms in position, it might be helpful to rest your hands on tall chairs, brooms, or other tall objects.  Helps with fatigue too!

IMG_0243 2.PNG


Tape the hand.

Tape up one hand all the way to the knuckles and around the thumb.  Think like a cast or fingerless gloves!

NOTE: This helps me to make the armsleeves (and armsleeve snaps) fit more accurately.

IMG_0246 2.PNG


Mark your bits!

Use the sharpie to draw an X where you want the tail to go.  Mark your elbows and knees with circles.

If you are getting SPH zippers on your suit, please mark where they should go based on your anatomy.  If you want full butt and front access for example, mark that entire area.  






IMG_0244 2.PNG


Draw cutting lines.

Use the sharpie to draw lines where you will be cut out.

1. From your collar across the side of the chest, down the side of your body and down the side of your foot
2. Up the side of your other leg, from mid-thigh to ankle
3. Up both arms to just above the elbow

Mark Xs on the lines every few inches, this will allow me to tape the DTD back together accurately.  You MUST draw these Xs along your cutting lines.

IMG_0245 2.PNG


Cut the DTD.

Cut carefully along the lines.  Using a rounded tip scissors can help you to avoid injury.  Just take it slow and use little snips.

Start with the arms to allow the person inside to rest!  

Wiggle out once it is completely cut.

NOTE: You don't need to tape up the DTD, I will line up the Xs and tape it myself.  Please write your username/fursona's name on the back of the DTD.  Fold it up carefully and ship it out!

Congrats!!  Rehydrate yourself and rest.

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