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All parts of the suit (besides eyes) can be spot cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, folex, or a bit of detergent on a washcloth. 

Do not use woolite (popular misconception- fursuits are synthetic fur and not wool-like at all!).  A Bissel Little Green is also amazing for suit cleaning and recommended especially for hands, feet, and the head!  Alcohol or fursuit spray (alcohol, water, scent) is great for quickly wiping out the head after use, or for removing little stains on fur or minky.  


Heads can be fully washed/submerged in a tub of cool water and detergent (the eyes are sprayed with clear sealant and are waterproof, but try to avoid scrubbing them or spraying/pouring water directly on them to keep them looking the freshest).  Don’t over-scrub, it can pull out fur.  Gentle rubbing while washing works fine!

Bodysuit can also be washed in a tub of cool water with detergent.  After washing, rinse until the bodysuit is no longer soapy and water runs clear. 

DO NOT MACHINE WASH.  If you do this, do it at your own risk....suits hold up much better over time when cleaned gently.


After washing heads, hands, feetpaws, and tails squeeze as much water out of the foam/polyfil as possible.  Additionally, squeeze as much water as possible out of your bodysuit before hanging up.

Set/hang all parts to dry in a room with good ventilation next to a bunch of fans (box fans are your friend!)

Don’t use heat excessively (blow dryers, hot water, hot dryers)!!!!!!  It can damage fur fibers which are made of acrylic.  If fur gets creased you can use a hairdryer and brush for short periods of time to get it looking fresh again but be aware that acrylic can melt if heated for too long.  Gentle brushing while drying is okay and usually is enough to help fur dry neatly!


Store your suit in a cool and dry place!  Excessive heat is bad for faux fur.  Try to avoid leaving in a hot car in direct sunlight as well!  Hanging things up is better than folding because fur will crease, but creases can be resolved by carefully blowdrying for short periods of time and brushing the fur back to normal.

If you want some fancy ideas, I like to store my heads on motorcycle helmet wall mounts personally, and many friends like using those square ikea wall shelves, or just mannequin heads on like a table or desk!  I don’t recommend storing the head in any place where the foam is being squished down (it may deform if stored like that for long periods of time).

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