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Change a few details about your suit, or give them a full makeover.  Price varies depending on the complexity of the specific project so please request a quote for the most accurate information.

Choose from:
- Eye repaint $30
- New eyes $50
- New teeth $30
- Magnetic lids $50
- New tongue $30
- New nose $30
- Foam reshaping $100+
- Ear moving/reshaping $200+
- Fur panel replacement $100+
- Complete refurring $500+
- Head and neck lining $200
- Covering exposed foam

Price can vary based on the shape of your current suit, complexity of the refurb work, and material costs. 


Not all heads can be refurbished so please request a quote when I am open! 

I WILL do work on suits made by other makers, but please be aware that I can't tell you what's inside until I physically get the suit and check it out! Work might be more or less complex than we think.   

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